Mum of toddler mowed down by moped begs doctors to use her brain for transplant

Running a red light, Raaid Ressaf, 19, rammed into the three-year-old who was crossing the road with her mum and older brother, on a pink scooter.

As a result, the girl, who remains anonymous due to legal reasons, remains in a specialist brain unit six months after the horrible event.

She suffers from a "catastrophic" brain injury, that has made her unable to speak, walk, or even open her eyes, MyLondon reports.

The heartbroken mum told the court about the terrible accident flashing before her eyes each time she closes them, revealing that she begged the doctors to let her donate her own brain to her beloved daughter.

In a statement read to Isleworth Crown Court, the victim’s mum said: “When she was hit she turned around looking extremely scared. I remember the eye contact. It was extremely distressing.

“She was a joyful and smiley child. She taught us to be joyful in every little thing life had to offer. In lockdown she would celebrate going to put the bins out. Her joyful spirit is deeply missed.

“As a family we find it hard to smile and laugh. We eventually had to accept she would never be the same again.

“I ask doctors and neurosurgeons for some sort of brain surgery for them to restore any part of her brain but they just shake their heads at me. I then offered myself to be a brain donor for my daughter.

“She is fighting for her life. I observe her fighting every day, every hour, for everything and it's extremely sad seeing her this way.

“We keep on remembering how she was before the incident and what she was able to do back then. It feels surreal as it is like mourning but she is still with us.

The court heard Ressaf was 0.5 micrograms over the drug-drive limit for cannabis and did not have the correct license or insurance to drive the moped.

The court heard the victim was walking with her mum and brother in Acton, west London, on June 8 this year.

Prosecutor Nicholas Alexander said: “The defendant overtook the traffic on the left side and went over the crossing when the light was red. As a result of going over the crossing he collided with the victim. She was struck down by the moped and taken to the ground.

“Both her mother and her brother witnessed what had taken place and screamed in shock. The girl momentarily started to cry before she was dragged under the wheels of the moped.”

The girl was taken to hospital in a helicopter and stayed for three months before being moved to a specialist brain unit for children.

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Ressaf was arrested and told officers he had bought the moped two days previously and admitted he did not have a licence or insurance.

He also admitted he was driving at around 26mph in the 20mph zone, and that the moped visor was too dark and obscured his vision.

Ressaf is also said to have told police he had eaten a cannabis sweet a week previously – however a prosecution expert ruled this out as a possible cause for the positive drug test, the court heard.

Ressaf, of Wembley, Brent, admitted driving without insurance, driving without a licence, driving while over the drug-drive limit and causing serious injury by dangerous driving. He was jailed for three-and-a-half years and banned from driving for 21 months.

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