Mum rages at school not budging on uniform despite record-breaking heatwave

A woman has fumed at her daughter's school claiming female students are still having to wear thick black tights despite record-breaking temperatures.

Thorp Academy in Gateshead, Ryton, possess a strict uniform code and according to the woman – who wants to remain unnamed – students must continue to adhere to the dress code in spite of the sweltering heatwave that has a stranglehold over the UK.

The Northern Education Trust school's uniform policy states that female students have the choice between wearing 'black, opaque tights with a minimum 60 denier' or trousers, ChronicleLive reports.

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The policy, which is a year-long requirement, has left the mother worried about the health implications that could arise including yeast or fungal infections by wearing tights in extreme heat.

"During this hot weather and the heatwave we are experiencing, girls at Thorp Academy are being forced to continue to adhere to the uniform policy of wearing black, opaque tights – minimum 60 denier," she said.

"Members of staff are not forced to wear thick, nylon tights when choosing to wear a skirt so why should students be? A case of one rule for those in power, and one rule for everyone else.

"I have never had a problem with uniform rules; I see uniform as a positive thing, and I think the tights are fine – ordinarily. But not in this heat! The school isn't budging and think it is acceptable for the girls to continue to have to wear 60 denier or more, black tights."

The mother added that the only alternative to black tights is trousers but was told by her daughter that she'll get picked on and bombarded with questions regarding her "gender identity and/or sexual orientation".

Despite putting forward the suggestion of ankle socks to the school, she said she believes she's being ignored.

"All I'm asking is for common sense, compassion and fairness to be considered. Let the girls wear socks in this hot weather if they want to!"

Despite the blowback the school has received, according to a Northern Education Trust spokesman, "reasonable adjustments" have been made regarding the uniforms of primary and secondary school students due to the heatwave.

"We do not comment on individual cases, but we are satisfied that students are safe and comfortable to enable them to learn," the spokesman said.

"The trust is also aware of the extreme hot weather warning for Monday and Tuesday, and we have two non-uniform days planned that coincide with these days to raise money for the worthwhile charity British Ukrainian Aid."


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