Mum shops son to cops after he confessed to raping 68-year-old neighbour

A man has been charged with sexually assaulting his 68-year-old neighbour after his mum shopped him to police.

Gino Anthony Bononcini, 29, from San Antonio, Texas allegedly asked the victim to urinate in the toilet as he liked the sound before raping her.

He was arrested on Friday by Bear County Sheriff’s deputies following the incident in April.

His mother handed him in after he told her about what he had done.

She said that her son told her that he had “violated” their neighbour after entering through a window at her home in the dead of night, according to reports.

The victim saw the suspect in her hallway around 4am in the morning. She had previously been sleeping on her sofa and got up to use the bathroom, only to find that the unwanted intruder had broken in, reports the San Antonio Express-News.

The victim told the courts she recognised the man as he frequently visited the house next door and she even saw him two weeks before at a friend’s barbecue.

According to the reports, the victim only speaks Spanish so could not understand what Bononcini allegedly said to her when he was in the house.

When she screamed "don't kill me," he ordered her to “shut up," documents state.

She claims he told her to urinate in the toilet as he enjoyed the sound and then took her to her bed and raped her.

According to his Facebook page, Bononcini works at a children’s hospital in his home town.

Just days before the attack, Bononcini posted on Facebook promoting tantric sex.

He was linked to the crime through a DNA swab that was compared against evidence and was arrested as soon as the results came back, according to the sheriff.

Sheriff Salazar said “The DNA sampling that we got came to us and it's basically one in 69 sextillion chances that this could be the suspect.”

He added: “The way that it was perpetrated… he seemed very, very comfortable.

“We felt the need to publicise it (Bononcini's arrest) in the hopes that somebody may have seen him lurking around or know of other attacks he may have been involved in.”

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