Mum wanted to throw up after spotting dead exotic spider in McDonalds wrap

A "traumatised" mum has said she wanted to "throw up" after she realised she'd been chewing on a "huge exotic spider" that had been stuffed inside her McDonald's wrap.

Katie Moss, from Cheshire, ordered a chicken and bacon wrap from McDonald's and after munching through three-quarters of the meal, claims to have bitten into something hard.

Upon inspection, the 21-year-old found an "exotic"-looking spider that she had never seen before, leading her to believe it was not from the UK.

The care assistant was offered a refund and replacement voucher for the spider-infested meal, but has vowed never to eat there again after the experience.

McDonalds have apologised and said the chewed up item, which they are now investigating, could have come from a bag of fresh lettuce.

Katie said: "I ordered it for lunch because we didn't have much in and I just fancied a McDonald's. I was three quarters of the way through it and I felt something hard in my mouth.

"At first I thought it was the end of a tomato so I pulled it out and at first I thought it was just part of the chicken but when I looked closer, I thought it was a crab then I realised it was a spider.

"I spat the rest out but I had bitten into it. I was disgusted, I felt like throwing up. It was all curled up."

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She continued: "I don't think the spider was from the UK because I've never seen a spider like that before. It was some kind of exotic spider.

"I don't really mind spiders but I don't want one in my mouth. It didn't taste of anything at the time but afterwards there was an off taste in my mouth, which could have been my imagination.

"I would have preferred to have just not known it was in there and that I'd eaten it. I know people say you swallow about eight spiders in your life time but at least you don't know you're swallowing them".

She later contacted McDonalds about the incident, where they offered her a £10 voucher, but Katie says she is "not going to eat there again, so a voucher isn't much good to me" and added she wants "proper compensation" for the creepy crawlie meal.

A McDonald's spokesperson said: "Food safety is of the utmost importance to us. As soon as this was brought to theh attention of the restaurant, the customer was apologised to and offered both a refund and replacement meal.

"The customer has also returned the item in question which will enable us to investigate further".

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