Mums face falls off after dog-walking accident led to horror pus infection

A woman has claimed her face “fell off” after becoming infected due to injuries suffered during a bizarre dog-related accident.

Shelley Puchalsky has been left to beg for money through an online fundraiser after landing on her nose after tripping over her dog while out jogging.

The strange incident happened in September 2019 when she fell face forward onto the trail and suffered lacerations to her nose and forehead.

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The 39-year-old had her wounds stitched up – but they wouldn't heal properly so she sought plastic surgery and six weeks later, a skin graft was applied to her nose and forehead.

However, she now claims that an “infection” ate away at so much skin that she ended up with a “gaping hole” in her head.

The Florida, United States, resident is now appealing for help to cover her eye-watering £25k costs because her insurance wouldn't cover it.

“I was out for a run with my dog, she stopped abruptly in front of me and I fell face forward into the trail and suffered some lacerations to my forehead and nose.

“I had to get some stitches and they became infected and wouldn't heal.

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“I went to a doctor who said he could help me, so he did a skin graft over my nose and re-stitched my forehead.

“It was a botched surgery – in hindsight, I don't think they realised it was infected when they put the skin graft over it and by the time I went back and let them know, I wasn't taken seriously.

“Everything continued to become lacerated, my skin was just falling off the bone because it was so infected and it had eaten through my skin down to the bone – you could actually see down to the bone.”

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She claims that her wounds subsequently began draining pus and never closed up, and that the infection also ate through her eyebrow.

After being told she may have cancer or a brain tumour, she was eventually diagnosed with Osteomyelitis following an MRI.

Shelley had additional surgery in February 2021 which was successful, but she's suffered complications as it got reinfected.

Shelley said: "Only very close friends of mine have seen me in person. I don't go out in public a lot because I'm embarrassed of my face, which is strange because I'll show complete strangers on the internet.

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“I'm very introverted about it because I still feel very wounded and protective because I'm still dealing with a lot of hurt because I feel like what happened, didn't have to happen.

“I feel lucky to be alive, I've seen other stories of people who've had sepsis who've had it much worse off than me with missing limbs and I feel lucky to have walked away with what I have.

“Being able to raise the money would mean so much for me because I'd be able to find a surgeon that would be able to help me for that price.”

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