Murder suspect arrested after British tourist stabbed to death in Spain

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Police bodycam shows a suspect being arrested in relation to the bloody death of 22-year-old Liverpool man Ben Nesbitt in Spain.

In the clip, the Spanish police detain a British man wearing tracksuits bottoms and a t-shirt in an apartment.

With his hands tied, the suspect is led to a waiting police car.

The film also shows forensic officers examining a pair of trainers in the apartment.

Ben, 21, was found with fatal knife wounds during the early hours of October 1 in the Spanish town of Rojales on the Costa Blanca, the Liverpool ECHO reports.

A spokesman for the force told the ECHO that the arrest took place during a surveillance operation on the night of October 2 in Girona, a city in Spain’s northeastern Catalonia region.

A 38-year-old suspect was arrested in relation to Ben's death and has now appeared in court in the Alicante area.

Police said the man has been charged with homicide and has been denied bail.

Guardia Civil also revealed some distressing details of the circumstances of Ben's death.

Police said that residents in Rojales alerted police after finding a man collapsed in the street during the early hours of Thursday morning. He was bleeding heavily and calling for help.

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Police said the victim then fainted, and when the emergency services arrived at the scene they were unable to save him.

It is believed that Ben had been involved in an argument with another man during a meeting inside a house, police said.

Ben was stabbed in the neck and bled to death, police said.

A suspect then left the area in a car in a bid to flee the country, police said.

The news of Ben's death has led to tributes and many close friends have expressed shock at the manner in which the young lad died.

Laura Tasker, from Ainsdale, has described Ben has a close friend who would stick up for members of her family.

She said: "Ben was a big part of our life.

"He was my son's best friend and he was always here, my daughter liked him. He stuck up for my son, they stuck up for each other and I really respect him for that. My son's in bits.

"Him and Ben were always together, they were like brothers. They had each other's back all the time, they understood each other."

Ben was from the Woodvale area of Southport and friends have posted tributes on social media.

A friend said: "He was a funny lad him cruel world we live in bro."

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