My dying mum was left in a pool of blood and couldnt get food in NHS hospital

A woman has launched a complaint against the NHS as she says staff at the hospital where her mum was receiving end-of-life care left her in “absolutely disgusting conditions”.

Hannah Solomon claimed the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham was “not fit for purpose” when her mum Carol, 64, was a patient in 2021.

Because her mum was in hospital during the Covid-19 pandemic, she often faced difficulties seeing her due to restrictions.

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She told Sky News that she once found her mum sitting in a “massive pool of blood”.

She also said that Carol phoned and told her that she was struggling to get food and drink that were left out of reach, often having to “throw herself out of bed” and bruising herself in the process.

Staff would often leave the dying pensioner alone for long periods of time, leaving her “to call for assistance for about 15-20 minutes” with no response, Hannah said.

She would “shout out at the top of her voice” but the nurses, who were stationed at the other end of a “ridiculously long” corridor, were unable to hear her.

At one point, the sick pensioner was apparently left to fend for herself after she hit her head while trying to go to the toilet, having spent several minutes calling for assistance that never came.

Hannah said that all of this points to a massive failure at the hospital.

She said: “It's disgusting, absolutely disgusting that someone should be left in such a state in the hospital.”

Reports revealedthat in 2019, the Care Quality Commission said that in all areas of medical care, including older people’s care, Queen Elizabeth Hospital was rated either “inadequate” or “requires improvement”.

It is important to note that the CQC’s rating of the hospital has improved significantly since, with the latest rating revealing that most areas of the hospital’s medical care, including older people’s care, was good, with one area requiring improvement.

Hannah’s family were able to bring Carol back home before she died and have made a formal complaint against the hospital. They are reportedly still waiting on the outcome.

A hospital spokesperson told Sky News that hospital officials are reviewing the complaint and “will provide our response to the family as soon as possible.”

They added that hospital staff aim to provide patients with the 'best possible care' but that “we do not always get it right.”

The Daily Star has contacted University Hospitals Birmingham for comment.

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