Mysterious lava-like field burns for three years bemusing concerned locals

A field in an village is burning with a strange lava-like substance flowing underneath despite cold air temperatures.

The public has been warned to "stay away" from the site that has a disused coal mine underneath.

The field in Patna in East Ayrshire, Scotland has been declared a "serious risk to life" by a worried dad who captured the smouldering soil on camera this week.

The area, reportedly about the size of a football pitch, can be smelled the minute you get near it, locals say.

Despite temperatures plummeting to below freezing in January, the field continues to burn with smoke pouring out from beneath the scorched ground.

Council chiefs say the grassy mound which on land owned by Forestry Land Scotland is burning away due to a disused coal mine beneath the site.

But Tam Paton claims the the area has been burning for more than three years and has sparked calls for action to put the fires out.

The 30-year-old says mass parts of the area have "fallen away'" and "turned to dust" due to the searing heat.

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Shocking footage has shown smoke pouring out from the field which is just a 10-minute walk away from the village centre.

Red-hot pockets of a substance described like lava can be seen in pictures and videos taken by Tam.

Tam told Ayrshire Live: “It’s been burning solid for the best part of three-and-a-half years.

“It doesn’t matter how cold it gets, when we have snow it just melts away instantly.

“It becomes worse in the summer months. The smell is potent. You can smell the ground burning the minute you get near the field.

“Bits of it have all turned to dust and fallen away.

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“It is over a vast area, about the size of a football pitch and it's only getting bigger."

Tam claims that the Scottish Coal Board have tried to fence off the danger zone.

He added: “If you were to fall into that there would be nothing left of you.

A spokesperson for East Ayrshire Council said: "East Ayrshire Council was first made aware of this issue last summer and since then has continued to engage with both the landowner, (FLS) , and the Coal Authority as the relevant regulatory body for such issues arising from former coal mining works, in order to ensure that the situation continues to be managed and to minimise any risk to public health and safety .

"In that regard the council is aware that appropriate safety measures were put in place, including fencing around the affected area, but unfortunately that has since been removed by unknown parties, which clearly isn’t helpful."

They added that the council will continue to engage with the relevant parties.

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