N.S. border tightened with emergency declaration, N.B. premier hints at similar measures

People returning to Nova Scotia from out of province are now required to self-isolate, as part of measures announced by Premier Stephen McNeil.

In declaring a state of emergency Sunday, he said people weren’t adhering to COVID-19 protocols.

Motorists heading back to the province Monday were diverted off the highway in Amherst by police, and directed to officers who explained how the measures impacted them.

Fines of $1,000 dollars can be handed out to individuals who aren’t following physical distancing and self-isolation by police officers under the Health Protection Act.

“Use common sense; if you are not an essential service worker, you should not be crossing the border,” McNeil said Monday. “You should stay home.”

The 14-day isolation is required for anyone arriving by land, air or sea.

Signage has also been posted in the Aulac area in New Brunswick, informing drivers of the checkpoint ahead.

The premier of that province, Blaine Higgs, told reporters Monday the idea of similar border restrictions is on the table.

“I can see that happening here,” he said. “I am looking to get some alignment across the country.”

Meanwhile, McNeil acknowleged delays for essnetial workers Monday, and announced a specific lane for them.

“Healthcare workers, those who work in financial institutions, manufacturing of essential goods, construction and truckers supporting trades.”

With the ever-evolving response to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s not clear how long these measures could be in place.

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