Naked United Airlines pilot files lawsuit against DIA Westin hotel after settling wrongful arrest

A United Airlines pilot in a wrongful arrest case stemming from a now-dismissed indecent exposure charge in September of 2018 has filed a lawsuit against The Westin Denver International Airport.

The lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court Monday, according to his attorney, Craig Silverman, who said in a news release they are hopeful “that the operators of the DIA Westin will acknowledge and remedy the fact this violation occurred with the unfortunate participation and permission of DIA Westin staff.”

Captain Andrew Collins, a pilot from Leesburg, Virginia, was arrested in September 2018 after being accused of standing naked in front of his 10th-floor hotel window overlooking the Denver International Airport terminal.

In an interview with our partners at The Denver Post, Collins said he didn’t know that he was visible to anyone in the main terminal.

A judge dismissed criminal charges against Collins in March of 2019, but by that time, the wrongful arrest had already led to a six-month suspension for the pilot.

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