NATO issues fresh warning over real possibility of war with Russia

NATO says Russia bares 'responsibility' over Poland incident

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In one of its most dire warnings to date, NATO’s Secretary General has said the Ukraine war could escalate into a full-blown conflict between the military alliance and Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

Asked about his biggest fear this winter, Jens Stoltenberg told the Norwegian broadcaster NRK: “I fear that the war in Ukraine will get out of control, and spread into a major war between Nato and Russia.” 

While he said he was confident that such a situation would be avoided, he added that it remained a “real possibility”. 

“I understand everyone who is tired of supporting Ukraine. I understand everyone who thinks that food prices and the electricity bills are far too high.

“But we have to pay a much higher price if our freedom and peace are threatened through Putin winning in Ukraine.”

Vladimir Putin has upped the ante on Friday, warning tthat any nation daring to attack Russia with nuclear weapons would be wiped off the face of the earth.


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