Nature advocacy group condemns new Manitoba fishing licence, provincial park vehicle admin fee

A Manitoba nature advocacy group has condemned new administrative fees on hunting and fishing licences and provincial park vehicle permits, saying the extra charge will keep people from enjoying nature.

The province included the new fees — $4.50 per transaction — in an announcement in April about adjusted rules in provincial parks amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The additional charge comes as part of a new online permitting system also announced in April, but the $4.50 administrative fee applies to provincial park vehicle permits and licences bought in person, too, a provincial spokesman clarified in an email Thursday.

A provincial park day permit that used to cost $5 will now cost $9.50, while a fishing licence that used to cost $19.20 will now cost $23.70.

The Manitoba Wilderness Committee called it a price gouge.

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“The extra fee, they’re calling it a transaction fee but the reality is they’re just upping the price on this, there was already a transaction fee built into the prices people were paying for this,” said Eric Reder, a wilderness and water campaigner with the advocacy group.

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