Nazi U-boat shipwreck found in Argentina proves Hitler fled Germany on sub

A shipwreck off the coast of Argentina is a Nazi submarine that helped Adolf Hitler flee Germany, its finder says.

The 260ft wreck was recently found near Quequén by members of the Missing Link research group.

Abel Basti, the group’s leader, ­believes it may be a Nazi vessel that carried Hitler to a new life.

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Now the wreck has been visited by Argentine navy ­divers, who have released the first images of it.

Mr Basti, 66, a journalist and author, said: “My main hypothesis is that Hitler fled to Argentina. This could be the submarine that evacuated Hitler at the end of the war.”

He said of the wrecked submarine: “The presumption is that it arrived stealthily in the winter of 1945.

“The methodology consisted of disembarking and then sinking the submarine to eliminate traces.”

Mr Basti believes the tyrant would have been taken to a ranch at Moromar, north of Quequén, supposedly built by German agents.

Another sub, German U-boat U-530, surrendered off Argentina in 1945, sparking theories they were used to transport Nazi top brass.

Most people believe Hitler killed himself in Berlin in April 1945, but some maintain he escaped from Germany.

Several Nazis are known to have fled Europe in the aftermath of World War Two via what were called 'ratlines', secret escape routes that mainly led to havens in Latin America.

They were aided by then Argentine President Juan Perón, a man who called the Nuremberg Trials "a disgrace and an unfortunate lesson for the future of humanity" before adding: "Now we realise that they [the Allies] deserved to lose the war."

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In 2020, the Simon Weisenthal Institute published an unearthed document containing the details of 12,000 Nazis who fled to Argentina.


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