Neighbours plagued by ‘phantom cabbage thrower’ who tosses veg into gardens

A neighbourhood is being terrorised by a phantom food pest after cabbages, broccoli, and even feta cheese has been thrown into gardens in Stoke-on-Trent.

Clare Middle, a local resident, was stunned to discover the first cabbage had been thrown into her backyard on March 10.

She initially thought it could have been children messing about. But roughly a month later she discovered another cabbage, along with a wheel of cheese, had been hurled over the fence of her home.

Clare, 32, then spoke to her neighbours and found she wasn't the only one being met with cabbage chaos in her back garden every month.

Clare now worries that a child could get injured or a dog could snuffle up something toxic if the vegetable thrower returns.

She said: "Around a month ago we heard a thud and went outside and found cabbages had been thrown into the backyard – we thought it must just be kids or someone in the park.

"But on April 10 we heard a thump at the door and someone had thrown cabbages, a broccoli, and a round wheel of what looked like feta cheese.

"I was scared we were being targeted but I knocked on the neighbours' doors and they'd had it thrown over their gardens too. I put it up on Facebook and people had all sorts of fruit and veg.

"It's been around the 10th so we've wondered if someone is getting a food parcel and gets rid of what they don't want. The cheese stinks as well – if they'd have come over I'd have offered to just eat it."

Clare says neighbours have found the incident 'weird' having been left with no explanation as to why they're being targeted by the vegetables.

She added: "I've got two children and it is a bit weird so we're now putting up security cameras.

"I have cats and next door have dogs and it could make them sick. It's a vegetable menace and next door have already faced a vet bill.

"It's like we're being targeted by the phantom of the vegetable aisle. My children like to play outside and it's worrying someone might target you."

Clare says she originally decided against contacting police officers worrying they might 'laugh at her'. However she says neighbours believe the vegetables have been reported to the authorities.

StokeonTrentLive has approached Staffordshire Police for a comment.

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