New TikTok trend uses cheap item to heat homes – but fire brigade issues warning

The terracotta pot TikTok trend is currently going viral on the social media platform, with users swearing the hack can save money on a household's energy bills.

The new hack involving the garden item has come to light just a few months after the faux terracotta pot TikTok trend went viral, with creators making the pots out of glass vases, baking powder and paint.

As the cost of living crisis continues to worsen in the UK, households up and down the country are trying to find ways to save the precious pennies this winter while trying to stay warm as energy bills soar.

But what is the terracotta pot TikTok trend and how does it work?

Here's everything you need to know.

What is the terracotta pot TikTok trend?

The terracotta pot TikTok trend is a new hack where creators are using a plant pot and either tealights or candles as a cheap way to heat their homes.

Some of the viral videos have racked up more than 15 million views on the video platform.

At the time of writing, there are a few variations of the hack but in general, the DIY heater is made with two or three different-sized clay or terracotta plant pots inside each other, with a nut, bolt and washers between them.

The pots are then placed upside down onto a stand made out of a couple of bricks, or three ovenproof ramekins.

Creators then place three candles or tealights on a heat-proof surface, such as a chopping board, in the hope to heat the plant pot, which will then heat the room.

How much does the terracotta TikTok hack cost?

TikTok creator Philip Lee Moore said that his terracotta pot heater cost £15 to make, works well and lasts three and a half hours.

While this hack may be a cheap alternative than switching on the heating this winter, it poses numerous safety and health risks.

What have viewers said about the terracotta pot hack?

On one hack video by @wac_app, one user has commented that before trying out the heating trick, viewers should make sure that the batteries are working in their carbon monoxide detector due to the smoke that comes from the candles.

On a separate video, Cheshire Fire and Rescue service also commented on the dangers surrounding the hack.

The service said: “We’d strongly recommend that people don’t try this.”

Others commented on the trend to point out that it’s not a good idea if you have small children, pets, or people in your household who could burn themselves or knock it over and potentially start a fire.

The makeshift heater should be supervised at all times and users will not be able to dismantle the pot as soon as the candles are out as it will be too hot.

In addition, it is not recommended to burn candles for a long period of time in a non-air ventilated room due to the reduced air quality, according to Devon Live.

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