New weather charts show storm and flash flooding risk after sweltering 28C blast

Thunder and lightning look set to strike parts of Britain this week with “huge” amounts of rainfall in isolated areas raising the risk of flash flooding, a weather expert has said. Storms are forecast going into next weekend as temperatures start to climb to the mid-20s with a high of 28C expected.

Weather expert Phil Morrish told “We’re going to have some unsettled weather, especially in the north of England, with the possibility of lightning on Wednesday and Thursday.

“Heat will start to build from the south with more storms developing in the north and slipping south. Next weekend looks set to be warmer, sunnier and more humid.”

Mr Morrish warned clouds full of moisture could drop a huge amount of rain in a short space of time with perhaps a month’s worth of rain falling within an hour in some places.

He said: “These will be patchy, some places will see it, but some won’t.”

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On this summer’s storms, the weather expert continued: “These can be very intense. A whole month’s rainfall can fall in a couple of hours in one place while a few miles away you can miss them completely.

“These are slow-moving storms, emptying their moisture can be extremely intense.”

Mr Morrish said flash-flooding is possible in some areas but it is not possible to say where exactly this will happen.

He pointed to recent rainfall in Leicestershire where he recorded a rate of 250mm of rain falling within an hour, adding: “That is exceptional for England.”

The latest map from shows a 50 percent storm risk over north Wales and north west England on Sunday (July 9).

Northern England and southern Scotland could also see storms on the same date, according to’s mapping.

Greg Dewhurst, Senior Operational Meteorologist at the Met Office, told “The chart only suggests around a 50 percent chance of thunderstorms at best, so it just shows you they will be hit and miss.”

He added some models have risks in different places and warned not to take the chart too literally this far out as it will change day by day as next weekend approaches.

On the risk of storms this week, Mr Dewhurst said: “There is a risk of thunderstorms going into the weekend as the temperatures rise to the mid-high twenties. 28C seems a good headline figure at the moment.

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“In terms of their severity, it is too early to give details on this, but I would suggest those who are interested to keep up to date with the latest Met Office forecasts as we move through the week.”

The latest forecast from MeteoGroup UK says showers and cloud across the country will generally fade away this evening, meaning it will be largely clear.

It will remain cloudier in northern Scotland with some rain, staying largely clear for most of the country during the rest of the night. A few showers are expected in the north-west. It will remain breezy.

After a bright and sunny start on Monday, cloud will quickly build during the morning, resulting in a few showers in the north by noon.

These showers will become heavier and more widespread during the afternoon. Some sunny spells will also re-appear across the country, particularly in the north.

Tuesday will see a bright and sunny start away from the south, but cloud and showers will quickly build up resulting in sunny spells and heavy showers.

In the south it will remain cloudier with heavy, possibly thundery, showers. Wednesday will see sunny spells and widespread showers, easing later, according to MeteoGroup.

The Met Office forecasts showers easing slightly tonight, but persisting overnight in the west. It will be a cloudy night for the Northern Isles with further outbreaks of rain. Drier elsewhere with clear spells. Remaining breezy.

Another showery and blustery day is forecast on Monday, but with a greater extent of showers pushing into Wales and England.

Showers will merge into longer spells of rain at times and these are potentially heavy and thundery, according to the Met Office.

Sunny spells and scattered showers are the order of the day on Tuesday and Wednesday, though more persistent rain is possible in the south. Thursday looks more settled, but cloud will build in the west later. It will be less breezy.

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