NHS ambulances carrying 10,000 portions of bolognese arrive in Ukraine

The meals arrived in Lviv and were provided by The Country Food Trust, who supply high protein nutritious meals free for food banks in the UK.

Each portion, made by Holmesterne Foods in Brompton-on-Swale, North Yorks, are sealed in a pouch and can be heated in boiling water or eaten cold, helping people without ­power.

The vehicles will also be donated to Lviv. Minister for Veterans’ Affairs Johnny Mercer praised CEO SJ Hint and her company, saying: “This is a remarkable gesture.”

The 1,251-mile trip, which should arrive on Coronation day, has been organised by British food charity The Country Food Trust, who supply high-protein nutritious meals free for UK foodbanks.

The meals, were specially made by Holmesterne Foods in Brompton on Swale, in the Prime Minister’s constituency of Richmond, Yorkshire.

They are ideal as the venison Bolognese and cooked pasta are sealed in pouches, can be eaten hot or cold and heated in boiling water.

This is especially important as it allows people hiding underground or out in the field without electricity or gas to eat.

The four former NHS ambulances carrying the food will also be donated to the people of Lviv to provide urgent medical assistance.

They have been bought by donations from members of the public and reconditioned especially for working in war torn Ukraine.

The cost of the food and the four ambulances was nearly £50,000.

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