Nigella Lawson recipe goes viral as fans attempt labelled pink willy stew

A recipe posted online by celebrity cooking queen Nigella Lawson has gone viral – for all the wrong reasons.

Lawson had posted a link to her usual guest recipe slot on her website on Twitter, which was this week, taken over by Irish chef Georgina Campbell.

The recipe featured was for Dublin Coddle – a typical Irish dish featuring bacon, sausages, potatoes and onions.

And while the image posted with the tweet looked appetising and appealing, it was the version made by one of her fans that caused ire on social media.

Fan Lyn Margiotta, who describes herself on Twitter as a “proud Irish Republican and even prouder Northside Dub”, posted a photo of her take on the dish.

Captioning it “Nigella darling, THIS is a coddle”, with a love heart emoji, her version of the meal shows one very pink looking sausage on top of a water bowl of boiled potato, onion and some other unidentifiable…ingredients.

And the dish has been labelled as “Pink Willy Stew”.

User @SuzieQ2021 wrote: “Give me strength. Pink Willy Stew – just not able.”

Jenny Kavanagh tweeted: “Reminds me of the 80s – and best left there. The word coddle even makes me feel sick.”

And David Donohoe added: “Now we’re talking! Nigella, this is the ideal level of visual repugnance you’re aiming for with authentic Coddle.”

But the dish wasn't greeted with horror by all on social media.

One user, with Irish family, called @PGCourtney1 tweeted: “Saw Nigella's coddle earlier and said those rashers aren't boiled so it's not real coddle.

“My husband is from Dublin and would love your version – not a fan myself.”

BBC Weather presenter Barra Best said: “It looks so wrong that I would love to try it now.

“My granny used to make stew with boiled pork sausages – I’m guessing it’s more or less the same.”

Coddle doesn't actually have a specific recipe, as it's supposed to be a dish made with leftovers which are then boiled in water.

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