No one wanted my violent cat – but I love my bloodthirsty little comedian

The owners of Oscar the ‘cat no-one’ wanted have said that he still has a wild streak but is a “part of the family” now, over a year after finding his forever home.

Oscar gained national attention after being returned to the same RSCPA shelter in Burton-on-Trent three times before Liz and Ian from Glasgow finally took a chance on him.

A year after his arrival, they exclusively told the Daily Star that while he would still attack them for no apparent reason, they were massive fans of the little ginger fella, thought to be 12-years-old.

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“For an older cat, we didn’t really think we’d kind of take to him as much as we have,” Ian told the Star.

“He’s a little sweetheart, he really is,” Liz added.

Oscar’s past still haunts him, and he’s prone to wild acts of violence from nowhere.

“I think whatever has happened in the past has given him certain triggers that we don’t understand and that makes him try and defend himself,” Ian said.

They were told by RSPCA Burton – who Liz and Ian heaped praise on and celebrated the work and effort of – that he had first come to them in September of 2020 and was rehomed three times before remaining there for “I think around 18 weeks”.

Oscar kept being returned because he kept being violent. But Ian and Liz were ready for the claws.

“He’s drawn blood a few times, Liz told the Star through a giggle.

Ian chipped in: “When he bites he really wants to bite into your arm.

“He kind of hangs on with his claws and just keeps on pushing his teeth into your flesh.

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“It gets to the point where you can actually lift him up off the ground and he’s still attached to your arm.”

They added that the attacks “seem to impact him as well, he’s upset afterwards.”

“He has got issues… We just have to put up with it, it’s part of the background that he’s had.”

He added: “We’ve never really wanted to change him.”

They always knew they were the “last chance hotel for him – and it’s worked out fine for all of us.”

“We knew what we were getting. We knew we were getting a stubborn wee soul, we knew we were getting a ‘feisty-natured’ little cat.”

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They had prepared for just having to “feed him and let him out into the world and back in again. We were fine with that,” Liz said, “but we just got a little member of our family.”

Now, in the night he will get into their bed and curl up on Ian and while he would once “totally freak out at the sounds of a bag rustling,” he’s now a much more calm and collected soul.

He makes a racket too. “He’s so vocal,” said Liz, who described him as a "funny little comedian".

He “almost talks like a child,” added Ian. “It sounds like he’s saying ‘hello’.

“I don’t think anybody else could have quite put up with him,” he added through laughter. “He’s quite demanding."

Despite having had a tough past, Oscar is no scardey cat.

“He does like to be outdoors, he’s good at catching mice and dragging them home,” Liz explained, but he’s also a man of leisure.

“He does also like to be indoors – he likes to be comfortable and warm.

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In summer he loves the sun. He’ll lie indoors and soak [it up].

They say he’s even friendly with guests and is “very curious about other people”.

Clearly picky, he’ll “come up and have a sniff. He’ll say hello to people and let them stroke his head and after a wee investigation, he’ll take to some people and just adore them and then other people he’ll say hello to and then just go away.”

He’s even made best pals with the young lad neighbouring them.

“The little boy next door adores him and he loves the little boy. It’s like he looks out for children's voices. He’s very intrigued by them.

“Maybe he’s come from a family before that had children.”

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