North Korea brags about absolute loyalty of its invincible military

In a bizarre boast North Korea's national newspaper, Rodung Sinmun, heaped praise on its military by referring to it as an "invincible combat force" and urged its "absolute obedience".

The newspaper made the overstated claim about the Republic of Korea Army to mark the 61st anniversary of its Army-First Day reports Yonhap News.

The Army-First Day, or Day of Songun, is celebrated on August 25 and is held after Kim Jong-un's father and late leader Kim Jong-il's visit to the Seoul Ryu Kyong Su Guards 105th Armored Division in 1960.

During the Korean War, the military unit entered the capital of South Korea, Seoul, for the first time between 1950 to 1953.

The national publication wrote: "For a military to demonstrate strength as an invincible combat force that can defeat any powerful enemy, it should be well-prepared not only in its ideology but also in terms of military technology."

The newspaper also puffed up its chest calling upon the military's "absolute loyalty" and "absolute obedience" to the Workers' Party of Korea while stating that no organisation had been so loyal to the nation's party.

The triumphant tone of the newspaper related to "Songun" in which national priority is always put into the military above all else.

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The late leader Kim Jong-il would put much of North Korea's efforts and resources into the armed forces rather than the starving population.

Weapons development and continually building stronger military were seen as the most important objective for the leadership.

Recently the official newspaper also launched a weird propaganda campaign criticising the country's youth.

It said that the young generations are the main target of cultural "infiltration and imperialists" from abroad.

The equally bemusing and scary tirade warns of the threat of foreign ideologies to North Korean socialism, and accuses the youth of "dozing off in front of the enemy's guns".

"Regarding the emergence of non-socialist practices as something inevitable and keeping a blind eye on the weakening socialist lifestyles and values is similar to dozing off in front of the enemy's gun and ruining the path to socialist construction," it said regarding young people.

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