Not even BILLIONS is enough! Switzerland nightmare as EU turns screw over hated deal

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The Swiss government wants to make amends with the EU and promote positive negotiations by releasing the so-called “cohesion billions” as soon as possible. However, Brussels based journalist Remo Hess said to gain a favourable negotiating position Switzerland must show how it intends to participate in European financial equalisation in the future after the upcoming cohesion payment. The cohesion contribution that is to be made to the European Union totals $1.3 billion.

The payment goes towards financing reforms for newer members of the bloc.

This payment would be the second such monetary amount that the Swiss have handed over to the EU.

However, the payment is not enough by itself, the EU also require Switzerland to show that it intends to participate in European financial “equalisation” in the future.

It has been reported in Swiss media that to placate Brussels Switzerland must reach a deal with the bloc for the financial sector.

However, writing for Luzerner Zeitung, a Swiss German-language daily, Mr Hess said: “The Federal Council’s plan to calm things down by quickly releasing the cohesion contribution worth 1.3 billion Swiss francs will not work.

“The gesture is not enough.”

Mr Hess added: “Switzerland must show how it intends to participate in European financial equalisation in the future after the upcoming cohesion payment.

The journalist then wrote that Switzerland will also have to make “a recurring contribution to the EU budget”.


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This is because, the EU expects this “from a wealthy country like Switzerland, which benefits to a large extent from the EU internal market”.

The Brussels correspondent then went on to say that talks between the bloc and Switzerland “are still in place” and that there “has never been a ‘Swiss Brexit’ and Switzerland is a good partner with whom one has a relationship of mutual benefit”.

Mr Hess added that the EU will not “give in to the Swiss and their special requests”.

The journalist described defensive post-Brexit conditions within the EU, where members nations are likely to unite negotiations with outside states.

Mr Hess said: “The sobering thing is, even if one or the other of the EU capitals occasionally supports Switzerland, in the end, there was always unity in the Union.”

Additional reporting by Monika Pallenberg.

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