Not invasion, but extermination Putin nightmare plot exposed with brutal hospital strike

Russia ‘exterminating Ukrainian people’ says expert

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University of Cambridge Professor Andrei Kirilenko stated that Russia did not need any more territory, claiming that was not the point of the attack. The academic disagreed with assessments suggesting that Russian President Vladimir Putin is invading his home country of Ukraine, and instead claims that Putin’s plan is to “exterminate” Ukrainians. Mr Kirilenko also spoke of not knowing whether his 85-year-old mother was dead or alive.

Mr Kirilenko told the BBC Today programme: “Russian airstrike targeted the maternity hospital in which I was actually born.

“So if the Russians are targetting everyone from a child in the maternity hospital all the way to my 85 invalid mother then it’s not an invasion.

“Its not about territory, Russia doesn’t need more territory.

“What it looks like to me, it’s about exterminating Ukrainian people, every one of them.

“They’re killing everyone from the baby, all the way to my elderly mother, who is most likely not alive anymore.”


Prime Minister Boris Johnson amongst many other Western political voices has been calling for the documentation of all of Russia’s war crimes against Ukrainians.

At Prime Minister’s Questions last week, Mr Johnson said: “What we have seen already from Vladimir Putin’s regime in the use of the munitions that they have already been dropping on innocent civilians, in my view, already fully qualifies as a war crime.”

Gordon Brown sat down on GMB to discuss how to prosecute Putin’s war crimes, despite facing backlash from the British public as he was involved in the decision to send British troops to Iraq from 2003 to 2011.

Mr Brown said: “Set up a prosecutor and he would compile the case and then they would demand the arrest of Putin.

Lavrov responds to bombing of Mariupol maternity hospital

Mr Brown added: “That would lead eventually to a trial if we could get hold of them. Of course, this is not the only thing we could do.

“I have seen in this morning in the newspapers, an 18-month-old child dying. An innocent child of Putin’s crimes.

“I’ve seen these pictures of people trying to get into Kyiv, leaving their home, and three…a mother, a teenager, and an eight-year-old have been killed. These are crimes that have been committed by Putin’s troops.”

International Criminal Court prosecutor Karim Khan announced the Court will now be investigating possible war crimes and crimes against humanity in Ukraine committed by the Russian military on Putin’s orders.


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Mr Khan said: “As mentioned in my statement of 28 February, in its preliminary examination of the situation in Ukraine, my Office had already found a reasonable basis to believe crimes within the jurisdiction of the Court had been committed and had identified potential cases that would be admissible.

“As I proceed to discharge my responsibilities, I will seek to engage with all relevant stakeholders and parties to the conflict, ensuring that investigations by my Office are conducted objectively and independently, with full respect for the principle of complementarity. In doing so, we will remain focused on our core objective: ensuring accountability for crimes falling within ICC jurisdiction.

Mr Khan added: “The support of States Parties and the international community more broadly will be essential as we seek to meet the inherent challenges faced in the conduct of these investigations. I will therefore seek the partnership and contributions of all States in order to address our need for additional resources across all situations addressed by my Office.

“With an active investigation now underway, I repeat my call to all those engaged in hostilities in Ukraine to adhere strictly to the applicable rules of international humanitarian law. No individual in the Ukraine situation has a licence to commit crimes within the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court.”

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