‘Nothing is off the table’ warns Liz Truss as G7 plans more sanctions against Russia

US President Joe Biden has announces a series of sanctions on Russia

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The crisis in Ukraine is escalating to breaking point as over 190,000 Russian troops are on the Ukrainian border and things were further amplified when President Putin signed a decree on Monday breaking the Minsk Agreement. The decree, signed by Putin, acknowledged two separatist regions of Ukraine, Donetsk and Luhansk as ‘independent states.’

Under this recognition, Putin ordered troops into the eastern Ukrainian regions on ‘peacekeeping’ duties which has been seen by Ukraine and its allies as an invasion and occupation.

In retaliation to Russia’s actions, multiple countries have banded together in support of Ukraine through imposing economic sanctions on Russia.

In an Op-Ed for The Times, Ms Truss declared that “nothing is off the table” and that “this first wave will target the individuals and companies closest to the Kremlin.”

She wrote: “We have a long list of those complicit in the actions of the Russian leadership. 

“Should Russia refuse to pull back its troops we can keep turning up the heat, targeting more banks, elites, and companies of significance.”

In a conference call hosted by the Foreign Secretary, the G7 allies decided on the next sanction package that will be implemented if the current sanctions fail to deter Putin.

She continued: “This is the start of a closely co-ordinated effort to ratchet up the pressure.”

This strategy has been made clear over the past 24 hours where one by one, major allies have announced their co-ordinated sanctions on Russia and have all denounced the decree signed by Putin.

Ms Truss added: “We will work in lockstep with our allies including the US and the rest of Nato. If we don’t stand up now, Russia’s strategy of aggression will not end.”

Germany, Britain, the US, Japan, Australia, Canada, the European Union have all announced initial sanctions on Russia and have made clear that further sanctions will be implemented if there is no change in Russia’s manoeuvres.

In response to the threats upon Ukrainian civilians and upon Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, the Foreign Secretary said: “We will use every lever at our disposal to stop him in his tracks.”

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The Prime Minister of Japan, Fumio Kishida announced sanctions on Wednesday and implored Russia to return to diplomatic measures and discussions rather than the path the country is currently taking.

Ms Truss stated that “now Russia has chosen to abandon diplomacy, we have a moral duty to stand with Ukraine and demonstrate that we mean what we say.”

US President Joe Biden has been accused by Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of having a “woefully inadequate” response to Russia’s military actions.

He added: “This is a critical moment in history…and President Biden is NOT seizing the moment.”

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