OnlyFans Premier League mascots making thousands off flogging racy footie pics

England's charge to the Euro's final last year was a seismic event for the nation and it seems to have inspired a whole new generation of OnlyFans girls who are mad about the beautiful game.

These days whether you compete in the Premier League or not, the real market of success for any club is if you have a self-styled 'Porn Princess' mascot getting behind the team every game.

Spurred on by the antics of Rangers mad Lana Wolf, girls from all over the country have attached themselves to teams and thought of innovative ways to get involved with the footie.

These include posting saucy halftime 'motivational' images on their social media channels and occasionally performing sex acts to celebrate great goals.

So as the season draws to an end, the Daily Star takes a look through the weird and wonderful world of OnlyFans football.

Lana Wolf

Starting at the top of the country we come to Rangers FC which counts Scottish pornstar Lana Wolf as one of their biggest fans.

The 24-year-old has become something of a local celebrity at the Ibrox ground and attends most home games.

She as Rangers mad as any of them, but she knows where to draw the line.

In fact only last week she teased her fans by snogging a rival Celtic fan ahead of their semi-final in the Scottish Cup derby.

The pair smooched before the camera cut off with the caption reading: "Remember lads today is just a game so keep your Glesga kisses on the mouth…"

Rangers would go on to win that game 2-1.

Elle Brooke

Next up is self-described 'Porn Princess' Elle Brooke, 24, who supports Man City.

Elle enjoys attending games at the Ethihad and posing with her official replica top (on or off) on her social media channels.

She also makes original YouTube content for her lucky fans which usually involves her going fishing or trying to steal other people's boyfriends in shopping centres.

Supporting one of the most dominant teams in the history of English football doesn't come without its risks, however.

Only last week, Elle got into a bit of a scuffle with the next entry on our list, for more reasons than one.

Astrid Wett

Astrid Wett, 21, is a true blue and supports Chelsea FC vociferously travelling to home and away games frequently.

And just like football hooligans of old, it seems Astrid can't help but kick off when she sees an away fan in the home end.

When Wett and Brooke came face to face in a London club their scrap was caught on camera in a now-deleted TikTok video.

The viral clip, posted to Twitter with the title "slag rumble", shows the pair shout abuse at each other as bystanders hold them back.

And it seems prior to the fight tensions had been simmering for a while.

Wett previously tweeted at Brooke alleging she doesn't attend any of Manchester City's games, saying: "Least I actually go to games you slag".

Brooke responded with a picture of her at the Etihad Stadium, with her middle finger raised, which came after a flurry of tweets bashing Chelsea Football Club, which Wett supports.

Brooke added that "friendly fire will not be tolerated," alleging Wett doesn't attend games either.

"My dad's bigger than your dad" springs to mind… calm down, it's just a game.

Emily Black

Next up is a Manchester United fan and close friend of Elle Brooke, Emily Black who is 21-years old.

Emily loves nothing more than settling in at Old Trafford to watch her team underperform but when she's not shouting in the stands it appears she's quite enterprising.

Her popular OnlyFans is filled with fantastic puns and she even offers her subscribers penis ratings which no doubt goes down a treat.

She has also appeared on Elle Brooke's YouTube channel, most recently when the pair went fishing with predictable results.

In the short clip, the girls were able to hook a massive carp which they spent a long time trying to control.

After cutting her fingers multiple times on the hook and belittling the maggots, Elle reclined in her chair and announced that she was the "Jeremy Clarkson of OnlyFans".

Whilst she was pontificating this, fellow fisherman Emily responded by quietly relieving herself behind a camping chair.

Well, you have to do something with your weekends during the International break we suppose!

Madelene Wright

Madelene Wright is that rare OnlyFans football mascot that is actually legitimately good at the game.

The 23-year-old was a former Charlton Athletic and Lionesses star before she lost her position when she was filmed apparently inhaling a balloon and drinking champagne while driving.

She now gets by on OnlyFans wonga and has built up legions of fans under her platform which promises "Angel face. Devil thoughts."

Who knows if we'll see her return to the football pitch one day.

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Arabella Amyiah

Finally, we have 23-year-old Arabella Amyiah who supports Arsenal.

The North London stunner's OnlyFans proudly proclaims: "massive a**, big t*** What else could you want?", which is presumably meant ironically as all any Arsenal fan really wants is the Top Four.

Though not as well known as some of the other entries on our list, Arabella seems to be doing well for herself with 20,000 Instagram followers who speak to her on match days.

Should Arsenal make the Champions League you sense the sky is the limit for this young Gunner.

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