OnlyFans stars should be like me and give a discount after Queens death

An OnlyFans model who went from earning £7.20 an hour as a waitress to bagging in excess of £20k a month has said models should offer a "cost of living discount" – after proving they can do so by offering slashed rates after the Queen died.

Saffron Leigh, from Cumbria, was working in a small cafe and earning a pittance when she decided to explore the world of adult content creation two years ago.

Now, she earns in excess of £20,000 a month and specialises in what she calls "taboo fetishes," those that people wouldn't freely admit to enjoying.

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The 26-year-old, who has over 100k Instagram followers, told the Daily Star that despite her lofty income, she understands that people will struggle for money during the Cost of Living Crisis.

Reacting to news that some OnlyFans models had been offering discounts after the Queen's death, Saffron said: "I think it’s just a bit of harmless fun! Although the discounts should actually be for the cost of living crisis, that would make more sense."

Asked whether she will be offering a discount to see fetishists through the lonely winter months, she added: "It’s definitely important to have a little fun if you can afford it!

"I mean mine's only $5 (£4.41) per month so surely anyone who subscribes isn’t breaking the bank, right?"

Asked whether her OnlyFans would see her through the crisis comfortably, she said: "I certainly hope so! I’ll let you know if not."

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Saffron started her profile on the site during the Coronavirus pandemic gripped the UK, and many young people are creating profiles as the Cost of Living Crisis bites.

Alexia, 20, told the BBC that she recently put herself on to four separate sites, including OnlyFans.

"Even if it is an extra couple hundred a month that's a huge amount for me. It can help pay an unexpected bill, like last month I had a bill from the council of £400 so without that I probably wouldn't have been able to pay that," she said.

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She said she started when she lost her job at a restaurant during Covid, and her need for the "safety blanket" the site offers has extended into the current crisis. She usually earns more than £3,000 a month.

Blake, 23, who earns about £1,000 a month started uploading explicit content on the site when he wasn't working during the pandemic.

Now, the Cost of Living Crisis is a factor. "The cost of living has been affecting me quite a fair bit," he said.

"I'm not treating myself to any luxury products, I've stopped eating meat because prices are so expensive. I was struggling for quite a while."


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