OnlyFans streamer blackmailed by someone threatening to leak AI nude pictures

An OnlyFans star and Twitch streamer has revealed someone tried to "blackmail" her by threatening to leak "AI generated nudes" of her.

JenFoxx, previously known as IndieFoxx, took to Twitter to reveal the situation, laughing it off with emojis.

"So today, someone tried to blackmail me for money, threatening to leak ai generated nudes of me. Seriously…." she wrote.

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The threat is strange considering the creator purposely posts her actual nudes on subscriber site OnlyFans.

"Some people will try anything," said one Twitter user in response to the content creator's post.

"That’s messed up! God hope you’re okay," added a fellow OnlyFans creator.

A third person said: "Sorry to hear that Jen – I'd report them to the authorities ASAP, as you don't want to get your rep ruined by scum like that!"

AI in general and AI revenge porn is a hot topic.

Sam Altman, whose company launched the ChatGPT chatbot last November, said the ability of generative AI to create revenge porn was of “great concern” to him.

Generative AI refers to a category of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms that generate new outputs based on the data they have been trained on, according to Visualcapitalist.

In layman's terms, data like images and sounds can be created by AI from scratch, based on data inputted by humans.

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“I definitely have been watching with great concern the revenge porn generation that’s been happening with the open source image generators,” he said in a chat with Forbes.

“I think that’s causing huge and predictable harm.”

Mr Altman has previously said the ultimate goal of OpenAI is to create artificial general intelligence (AGI) that can match or surpass the intellect of a human.

Meanwhile, Jen Foxx had her two-year Twitch ban lifted after an infamous "camel toe" incident.

Dagres was originally perma-banned from the gaming streaming site due to a self-described "wardrobe malfunction".

In an interview on podcast No Jumper, JenFoxxx revealed she was streaming with an accidental "camel toe", and the website penalised her for "intentionally showing [her] genitals".

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