OnlyFans top earners bag 270 times more cash than the average Brit employee

OnlyFans top creators are making some serious money on a platform that only started in 2016 and it seems the incomes are set to only increase over the coming years.

The adult subscription platform allows people to follow their favourite creators perform often sexual content online.

According to a new report OnlyFans stars can earn hundreds of times more money than the average Brit worker, which begs the question of why everyone isn't doing it?

MrQ, an online casino, recently crunched the numbers of OnlyFans' top earners to see how they compared against more traditional jobs in the UK market.

According to the research the most popular OnlyFans accounts each make more than £10 million a year with the top-earning performers making a staggering £21.3 million.

MrQ places gem101 as the highest earner, with an estimated £21.3 million in annual income, earning an eye-watering £1.8 million each month.

This comes from a £21.60 subscription charge per month and 102,800 subscribers to the account.

The research compares the earnings of an OnlyFans account against a doctor in the UK who might reach around £79,000 a year (around £6,609 a month) after 20 years in the job.

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When this is compared against accounts like gem101 the earnings are more than 22 times as much in one month alone, and nearly 270 times as much a year.

In fact the highest earning OnlyFans accounts are out-earning more than UK lawyers, psychologists, construction workers and architects.

MRQ said: "An average well-qualified lawyer earns 27 times less in one year than the top Onlyfans user does in one month at just £65,100.

"A commercial manager with over 20 years of experience earns 30 times less, and a taxation expert 34 times less at £60,000 and £52,000 respectively.

"For reference, the average salary in the UK is £31,461 – 0.15% the annual earnings of gem101.

"That means all these professions are earning above the average salary, but bigger money might be right under their nose – or their shirt."

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