‘Our justice system is broken’: Surrey mayor speaks out as child sex predator moves into city

Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum is calling the decision to release a sex offender into the community “totally irresponsible and reprehensible.”

In a statement Friday morning, McCallum said the “justice system is broken when the release of a dangerous child sexual predator, who is deemed likely to reoffend, supersedes the safety of our children, our families and the innocent.”

Surrey RCMP sent out a notice Friday about a “dangerous sex offender who poses a high risk to re-offend.”

Kristjon Otto Olson was released from prison, May 22 in the Lower Mainland and is now living in Surrey.

“This dangerous sex offender has been convicted of sexual assault, sexual interference, invitation to sexual touching and offences related to child pornography,” McCallum said. “

To release such a dangerous child sexual predator, into a city that is well known for its growing population of young families, is totally irresponsible and reprehensible.”

Olson has been convicted of sexual offences against minors including: sexual interference, sexual assault, invitation to sexual touching, and offences related to child pornography.

He has been deemed a high-risk to re-offend.

Olson must now comply with a number of court-ordered conditions including wearing electronic supervision equipment, no contact with and not be alone with anyone who appears to be under the age of 16 and he must not go to any public park, swimming area, skating rink, library or recreation centre.

He is also not allowed to date or marry anyone who has children, or who has the care of or access to children, under the age of 16.

If anyone sees any suspicious behavior including, but not limited to a breach of these conditions, police say not to approach Olson, but to instead contact Surrey RCMP at 604-599-0502, or call 911.

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