Outrage as teen hurls hawk out of car window to kill birds in drive-by attack

A teenager has sparked outrage for unleashing a hawk on smaller birds from a moving car.

In several videos posted to his TikTok account @huntingwithhawks, the young lad filmed himself holding the bird of prey in the passenger seat.

His first clip, uploaded on Sunday, shows him hurling the hawk out of the window as the car passes smaller birds. It immediately pounces on the smaller prey.

The video was captioned: “First day out with the bird this season.”

Following complaints, TikTok added the warning: “The action in this video could result in serious injury.”

A second video was then posted on Monday and garnered more than 14 million views.

It again showed the hawk being thrown out of the fast-moving car and attacking smaller birds.

The videos seem to have been taken in the UK, but the exact location has not been revealed.

Since going viral, hundreds of viewers have slammed the owner for the stunts.

Some questioned whether the bird could hurt a person, to which the owner responded: “This hawk was trained by my brother it knows what to go for for and [what] not to go for it will not harm children.”

Another viewer slammed: “Nope, that is just wrong.”

“Why is he doing a drive by with birds?” A third asked.

Despite the outrage, the owner suggested he would continue to post the videos, writing in another comment that the next one would involve a seagull.

However, the clips have since been deleted form the user’s account.

It comes after a crazed woman chucked her ex-boyfriends cat into a river in a fit of rage.

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Stanley isn't the only cat who had a dice with death recently.

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