Owls are aliens behind UFO abductions and spooky events, bizarre book says

Owls are psychic aliens behind a string of UFO abductions according to a bonkers new book.

Illustrator Mike Clelland reckons the birds are so wise they are paranormal, and can grow to four feet tall.

He spent a decade researching stories and dubbed himself the "owl guy" of the UFO world after a 2006 run-in.

The Messengers author told VICE: "I don't think the UFO's occupants are pushing a little button and saying: 'Calling all owls, meet us at this spot to give this person a psychic experience'.

"I think it's happening in a much more mystical, overlapping way than that."

The nocturnal predators have tampered with people's memories and hovered in front of people, it is claimed.

In the book, UFOlogist Ron Johnson said he found a four foot tall owl outside his home after one kept staring at home as he left for work.

Mr Clelland, who claimed he saw owls circling overhead for an hour during a 2006 camping trip, said: "I've had my own direct experiences, and some would call these UFO abductions.

"That's a term I use all the time, but it's not the right term, because it's stranger than that: it's more elusive, more mysterious."

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He claims to receive owl UFO emails every day and has more than 1,000 of stories about hooting aliens so far.

He also believes to have encountered "five spindly aliens" standing in his back yard at his home in Maine, US.

But he admitted even UFOlogists say his owl theory is too far-fetched, describing it as "way out beyond the boundaries of the UFO mainstream".

Mr Clelland writes in his book: "That people are actually having experiences that imply contact with some sort of non-human intelligence is strange enough.

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"Adding owls into the mix makes it all the more bizarre. Like a performance on a stage, the owl is playing a small role in the grand drama. The part it plays is a riddle begging to be solved."

It comes as a gran from Bradford says she’s been abducted by ­aliens more than 50 times – and she has the evidence to prove it.

Paula Smith claims her first close encounter was when she was a little girl. She says they have continued ever since.

The 50-year-old shared images of bruises she says were left on her body by aliens following one abduction. She has also drawn a ­picture of a silver alien to show what they look like.

Paula said: “I have experienced 52 paranormal incidents. There’s no warning and I can’t sense anything is going to happen. It just happens. All I can do is carry on as normal, otherwise I’d go crazy.”

Paula claims to have been in a UFO.

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