Paedo who thinks hes meeting 13-year-old girl for sex snared by vigilante group

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A shocking video shows paedophile hunters confronting a man who believed he was meeting a 13-year-old girl for a weekend of sex.

Brian Royston arrived at Handforth railway station in Cheshire last month carrying condoms, Viagra, and lager, as well as a necklace he'd bought as a gift.

Members of Elusive Child Protection Unit (ECPU) snared the 59-year-old after he'd arranged to meet the girl – who actually a "decoy profile" on social media – and stay at her house while her mum was away.

In the clip shared by the group, the vigilantes confront Royston and demand he tells them the legal age of consent.

He replies it is "16, 17", and is then berated by other members of the group for his actions.

Later in the clip, when it has gotten dark, he is taken away by police.

Royston, of Scartho Road, Grimsby, appeared at Chester Crown Court on Monday (November 29) where he was jailed for three years, having pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to attempting to cause or incite a child to engage in sexual activity, Cheshire Live reports.

Judge Patrick Thompson said there had been "clear planning" and "grooming behaviour", adding that children "must be protected from people like you".

Anna Price, prosecuting, told the court: "The group had set up a decoy profile called Lily Smith on various social media platforms.

"On September 21 the defendant sent her a friend request by Facebook."

The court heard that "Lily" had told Royston she was previously from Cleethorpes but now resided in Wythenshawe.

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Ms Price said: "The defendant did question whether they should be talking as he was 'quite a lot older'.

"He told her not to tell anyone they were speaking. He asked for and received a picture of Lily. He said he had been single for two months."

Further messages were shared and twice Royston told 'Lily' he loved her, the court heard.

"He said she shouldn't tell anyone about him", Ms Price continued. "He was serious about her and asked whether she wanted to kiss him."

Arrangements were then made for Royston to spend the weekend at her house while her mum was away.

The defendant was given her phone number and said he would call her during her break time at school.

Ms Price told the court: "He started talking about having sex."

Royston sent "Lily" photographs of a necklace he'd bought her and the train ticket for Handforth railway station.

He also sent various messages telling her he wouldn't hurt her.

Ms Price said: "She asked if sex and making love were the same. He said they were.

"He agreed to wear a condom and said he had bought 12."

The court was told that Royston had sent her a photograph of the box of condoms, along with a picture of his penis with one on.

On October 1, the defendant was expecting to meet 'Lily' at Handforth railway station at 7pm, but instead he was met by members of ECPU, and the police were informed.

Following his arrest, Royston referred to the recent passing of his wife.

He also claimed the Viagra was for a 43-year-old girlfriend and denied that the penis in the photograph he'd sent was his.

Kay Driver, defending, said his wife had died following a long illness and Royston had been her full-time carer "for a number of years".

She told the court that the offence was "out of character" and came at a time when her client was "grieving and at a loss".

"He's expressed deep remorse and is adamant there will be no repeat of this behaviour", she added.

"He accepts the effect he's had on his family, children and reputation."

Sentencing Royston, Judge Patrick Thompson said: "Quite what was going through your mind I really don't know. It's beyond belief.

"It's incredibly dangerous behaviour. It seems to me your intention was what most right thinking people would consider as sinister and seedy.

"You intended to have sex with a child. Children use the internet regularly and must be protected from people like you."

Royston was sentenced to three years in prison, of which half will be served on licence.

He was also made the subject of a lifelong sexual harm prevention order and placed on the sex offenders' register for life.

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