Palace hits back after Prince Harry’s ‘unhelpful’ TV appearance

Prince Harry's "unhelpful" interview with James Corden has left Buckingham Palace annoyed that it has trampled over the Queen's crucial vaccine message, sources claim.

His surprise chat to the British talk show host on The Late Late Show saw the pair touring Los Angeles on an open top bus while enjoying afternoon tea.

The skit later saw the Prince slam the media for driving the family out of the UK.

Harry and his wife Meghan Markle last week confirmed they would not return as working royals.

The Duke of Sussex's interview, though, has reportedly not gone down well back home.

Palace sources told MailOnline the timing of his appearance is 'unhelpful' with Prince Philip spending his 11th day in hospital battling infection.

There is also frustration that Harry has overshadowed the Queen's important message to the nation about vaccines.

The insider said: "When the Queen speaks as she has done about the vaccine it is accepted that she has a clear field."

Royal expert Robert Jobson added: "Timing is everything. On the day that the Queen has issued a very, very important message about the whole of the nation getting the jab, that message has sort of been blurred by Harry, the man who wants a private life, talking about his private life again."

The Queen's grandson insisted he and Meghan 'never walked away' from the royal family by emigrating to Los Angeles – instead blaming the media for driving them to the States.

On top of the bus, Harry said: "This is very nice, it's the first time I've been on an open-top bus… yeah, not really allowed to.

"Obviously in London I always see them cruising around with tourists. I thought, 'that would be really good fun' because when you live in an area you never actually go sightseeing.

"I've always wanted to go sightseeing."

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The skit also saw the prince make the surprise remark that The Queen bought his son Archie a waffle maker for Christmas.

"My grandmother asked us what Archie wanted for Christmas, and Meg said a waffle maker. So she sent a waffle maker for Archie!"

Harry said his son, one and a half, is "hysterical" and added: "He has the most amazing personality and is already putting three or four words together, he's already singing songs," he said.

The royal also revealed Archie's first word was "crocodile".

Later, Harry raps the theme tune to The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air outside the mansion where it was filmed.

James then video calls Meghan, who calls her husband 'Haz'.

Harry also explained he knew Meghan was "the one" after two dates, describing their relationship as "0-60 in two months".

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