Palace stumbling around without a map when dealing with Queens health issues

The Palace has been blasted for "stumbling around without a map" when dealing with the Queen's flurry of recent health issues, a royal commentator has claimed.

The Queen's health has come into question a number of times over the last few months, with the longest-reigning Monarch missing out on certain events at the Platinum Jubilee.

Her recent outings showed her using a cane for support, and just a few months ago the 96-year-old suffered with coronavirus.

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But one royal expert believes that palace officials and staffers have created a "seriously murky, complicated territory" over the health of Her Majesty.

Daniela Elser wrote: "However, we are in some seriously murky, complicated territory here and the Palace seems to be stumbling around without a map, compass, head torch, hiking boots or any vague sense of direction.

"If the Palace continues to remain rigidly tight-lipped, this way only danger lies. Rumour, conjecture and downright Trumpian levels of misinformation will only thrive if the public is kept entirely in the dark too."

A lack of information over the health of the Queen could prove worrying, with Elser claiming that the "total information blackout" means "there is absolutely no way of genuinely knowing" whether the Queen is well or not.

She added that there was little information on how to handle a "sovereign in obviously declining health".

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Elser also added that showcasing Prince William and Prince Charles as alternatives to the Queen at royal functions and events was a "smart move".

She said: "In recent years, and in recent months especially, we have seen the monarchy wheel out future Kings William V and George VII with increasing regularity, the purpose being to drive home a message of continuity and to amp up public faith in the stability of the monarchy.

"However, that canny approach is going to be undermined by the whispers and insinuation that will only swirl with greater velocity and force if the situation is allowed to remain unchecked."

The commentator added that the Palace was walking an "impossible tight rope" over the Queen's health, reported.

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