Parents rage after schoolkids made to do PE barefoot to protect new gym floor

Parents have hit out at a school for forcing their children to do PE barefoot – so their trainers didn't mark a new gym floor.

Black-soled footwear was banned at Inchinnan Primary in Renfrewshire, Scotland in case it left marks on the light-coloured floor.

Youngsters at the school had spent the last 18 months doing PE outside or in a local church while their school built a new gym.

But when the new gym finally opened on October 19, teachers ordered students with the wrong footwear to strip off their socks and play games in their bare feet.

Parents said every child not wearing white soles would have to taken them off, as well as their socks to prevent them sliding.

The school authorities feared the socks could become a “slip hazard” and there have been no reports of injuries.

More than a third of children are thought to have been impacted.

Headmistress Nicola McGlynn has apologised for the “confusion" after furious parents at the 140-pupil village school blased the decision to ditch the shoes and socks, Renfrewshire Live reports.

One said: “Everybody was looking forward to the gym opening as the old one was demolished about 18 months ago.

“This really has taken a shine off it – children as young as five can easily hurt their bare feet.”

However, some parents took to social media backing the school’s stance to preserve the new floor.

And one grandmother said: “We had to do it in our day and it didn’t do us any harm. I agree with the decision to protect this lovely new gym, they need to take pride in it.

"A pair of traditional plimsolls only costs a couple of quid, all primary age children should have them in their gym bags."

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In a message this week the head Ms McGlynn insisted: “Moving forward no child will be asked to undertake PE in their bare feet.

“Children who do not have suitable footwear will be offered a pair of school gym shoes for use that day, in order that they do not miss their allocation.

“If any parent would like assistance around funding sportswear, please contact the school directly, as we have dedicated funding to assist families.”

A Renfrewshire Council spokeswoman said: “The health and safety of our children remains our highest priority.

“We continue to work with parents to ensure their child has the right footwear for physical education lessons.”

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