Patient at mental hospital busted running criminal empire from ‘disco’ drug den

A drug addict, locked up in a psychiatric facility since 2018, has been arrested after turning his hospital room into a disco and drugs den, installing strobe lights and DJ equipment alongside an array of drug paraphernalia.

Nguyen Xuan Quy has been arrested alongside four other suspects , say police in the Vietnamese capital Hanoi.

Nguyen Anh Vu, a technician from the National Mental Hospital’s rehabilitation and traditional medicine department has also been arrested after police learned that he had known about the secret drug den and not informed the authorities.

Quy, 38, has been receiving treatment in the hospital since November 2018.

Police say he had formed close relationships with medical staff and had been allowed numerous privileges, including a private room and occasional day release.

Quy had capitalised on these freedoms, soundproofing his room, installing lasers and other disco lighting and equipping it with an elaborate music system including DJ decks.

But on March 20, Quy’s long party came to an end. Hanoi police raided the hospital and seized over six kilograms of ketamine, methamphetamine and MDMA. The search also turned up several bongs and other items connected with drug use and distribution.

As well as Quy, who is said to be the leader of a drug trafficking ring based out of the hospital , police also arrested Nguyen Van Ngoc, 47, Nguyen Trung Nguyen, 38, Nguyen Cong Thuong, 35 and Le Hoang Hai, 26, all of whom have previous convictions for drugs offences.

Vuong Van Tinh, the director of the facility said hospital managers knew nothing about the disco drug den in their midst.

Tinh, along with a number of other hospital staff, has since been suspended pending an internal inquiry.

Nguyen Truong Son, Vietnam’s Deputy Minister of Health, has said the incident was "unacceptable" and those involved would be severely punished.

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