Patriotic fan shaves England flag into his chest and back hair for Euros final

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A Three Lions fan couldn't get an England shirt before the Euros final – so shaved the flag and "It's Coming Home" into his body hair.

Scaffolder Alfie Callagher-Roberts, 23, got the idea after scouring the shops to pick up a football shirt after work on Friday.

The West Ham supporter was left disappointed to find they were sold out, so got the clippers out and went home to shave the St George's Cross into his chest hair.

He got a pal to shave in the phrase 'It's Coming Home' into his hairy back to complete the "missed the boat" look.

Alfie, from East London, said: "I've always been told I've got more hair on my chest and back than an ape – so put it to good use.

"I went round all the shops after work but couldn't get one so I bought a pair of clippers instead.

"I did the front and shaved the flag into my hair then got a razor to smooth it out.

"I got my mate to do my back – he thought it was hilarious."

Alife, who confidently predicts a 3-1 victory for England this evening, is planning to watch the game topless to show off his unique support.

He added: "I'll have a flag around my neck and my chest out.

"I love it – I think it's hilarious.

"I'm hoping it will grown back in time for the start of the season so I can get the Irons logo shaved in for the first West Ham game."

Meanwhile, a midnight mission to mount the England crest on the Angel of the North was foiled after onlookers called the police.

Under cover of darkness, a group of daredevils attempted to clamp a 5ft Three Lions badge on the Gateshead sculpture early on Saturday ahead of England's first major final in 55 years on July 11, Chronicle Live reports.

The badge was emblazoned with the message "football's coming home" and was designed to send support to England as the team faces Italy in the Euro 2020 final.

However, officers ordered the group to remove the badge within minutes of it being attached after onlookers called the police.

"I was in work just two days ago, and the lads were saying that they were surprised I hadn't put anything on for the Euros," said Ben Fada, 38, who scaled the Angel.

"I thought it was too late, but literally within 24 hours we had the badge made and the bracket fabricated, so the effort that went into this was unreal.

"And once we got it on there, nice and safe, the coppers came around the corner after someone reported us for being on top (of the Angel) and shining lights.

"We begged them and asked if there was any chance they could turn a blind eye, but they wouldn't have it."

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