Pensioner flashed his penis and urinated in front of horrified plane passengers

A pensioner who got his penis out and urinated in his airline seat in mid-flight has been arrested for for disorderly behaviour in public.

New Zealander James Hughes was on board a flight from Bali to Brisbane on the evening of Wednesday November 2 when he suddenly started urinating in his seat.

Hughes, 72, had reportedly drunk “a number of small bottles of wine” during the flight.

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Police at the destination airport, Brisbane International, were alerted and met Hughes as he disembarked.

Australian Federal Police officers issued Hughes with an infringement for disorderly behaviour in public, contrary to section r91.525 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998.

The following day saw Hughes in court. He entered a guilty plea to the offence at Brisbane Magistrates Court and was sentenced to a 12 month good behaviour bond.

AFP Airport Police Commander at Brisbane Airport, Superintendent Mark Colbran said there was no excuse for this type of disgraceful behaviour.

“Antisocial or illegal behaviour is unacceptable in any setting and the AFP will not tolerate it at Australia’s airports,” Superintendent Colbran said.

“The AFP expects passengers to be responsible when consuming alcohol – families and other travellers have a right to feel safe.’’

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While many people believe that alcohol gets people drunker at high altitudes, explaining the regular reports of shocking behaviour by airline passengers, the science is a little more complicated than that.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that drinking alcohol at altitude does not affect the concentration of alcohol in your blood anymore than it does at sea-level.

However, lower concentrations of oxygen in the blood at high altitudes can lead to altitude sickness, the symptoms of which – headache, dizziness and in some cases nausea – overlap with drunkenness.

Alcohol limits the body’s ability to combat these symptoms and very low oxygen supply to the brain has been shown to lead to mood and personality changes, errors in judgement and slurred speech.

In extreme cases, people suffering from oxygen deprivation can suffer seizures, hallucinations, unconsciousness and ultimately death.

So, that's one good reason to pass on that third tiny bottle of wine.

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