People convinced Jesus will return and world will end today because of the date

Thousands of people around the world have been waiting patiently for something special to happen today (February 22) but they don't know if it will be discounts or the return of Jesus.

Named Twosday (22/02/22) by a host of well-meaning internet weirdos, so far the day has already revealed one big event with Russia's invasion of Ukraine but what else could be in store?

Discussing the possibilities on a Reddit thread, one person said: "The day 2/22/22 is going to be a TUESday. The stars could not have aligned more perfectly."

Like sharks to a dead whale, people sprang forth to eagerly discuss all the connotations of the day.

One person made the entirely reasonable assumption that two children will be born on the magic moment of 2.22pm, known amongst Twosdayers as 'the quadruple'.

They said: "There will surely be twins born somewhere in the world at 2:22 pm on 2/22/22."

The big day has not come without trepidation though as some Redditers believe that mankind entering the Two-niverse could spell ultimate disaster for everything we have come to appreciate about reality.

One said: "Do we ever hit it, or we just pass it? After seconds there are micro seconds and then nano seconds, and after nano seconds then a smaller scale, and then a smaller scale, and it goes on.

"At what point is "now", does the present exist?"

There are also some who believe the coming of the 2s heralds the return of your friend and mine, Jesus Christ.

One wrote: "So Jesus is clearly going to come back for the revelation on Twosday."

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It's an interesting thought but is backed up in scripture?

Well, disturbingly yes! According to the overall meaning of the number 222 in the holy book are unclear.

It states: "They are related, however, to not only the creation of Eve and the first marriage but also to Jesus' return to earth!"

Happy Twosday everyone!

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