Person shot dead at Otahuhu property, South Auckland

Armed police have cordoned off streets after a person was shot dead tonight in South Auckland.

Police say they are investigating a suspicious death.

The incident occurred at a Princess St East property in Otahuhu. Police were made aware of the incident about 9pm.

Inspector Daniel Meade said the victim suffered a gunshot injury and died at the scene.

A witness at the scene said he could see five-six police officers, several carrying firearms.

Otahuhu residents reported hearing a helicopter and sirens just after 10pm.

Residents said police had blocked off Princess St at Murdoch St and saw “a bunch” of police and ambulance staff at the scene.

“Cops have road blocked off … Ambos lots going on,” one resident posted on Facebook.

Another wrote: “Seems to be very intense and serious.”

Cordons, and scene guards, will remain in place overnight.

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