Peru police officers die of coronavirus

Seventeen police officers in Peru have died after contracting Covid-19, while enforcing a nationwide lockdown.

On Friday, Interior Minister Carlos Morán, who had been criticised for failing to provide officers with masks and medical care, resigned.

More than 1,000 police have been infected by the virus.

The country has recorded more than 25,000 infections and 700 deaths so far, according to a count by Johns Hopkins University in the US.

Peru has a population of 32 million.

The new interior minister said his department had allocated $15m (£12m) to purchase protective equipment for police.

Gastón Rodríguez added that some 220,000 Covid-19 tests for the force were due to arrive by the first week of May.

Peru’s lockdown is now in its sixth week.

Earlier this month, the country began enforcing strict new measures to stop the spread of coronavirus, restricting public movement by gender.

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