Pet cat and dog filmed feasting on flesh of dead Russian soldiers in Ukraine

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    Ukrainian fighters have shared graphic footage of their pets gorging on the dead bodies of dead Russian soldiers.

    The gruesome, 31-second clip was shared on the infamous Cargo 200 Telegram channel, where Ukrainians routinely post gory images of Russian invaders to strike fear into their enemies' hearts.

    It starts showing a white and brown cat gnawing at the mangled remains of a soldier, identified by the channel as a Russian.

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    The state of the dead soldier's flesh suggests that animals have been going at the corpse for some time.

    The camera then pans left to show several more dead soldiers who have been laid out on stretches.

    It then pans back to the first corpse, showing that a small, beige dog has joined the cat in picking at the remains.

    The pooch seemed less keen on the meal than the cat, who appeared with its face buried in flesh, tearing pieces away.

    One person commented: "Poor kitty, didn't she get poisoned by this s**t?"

    "Get the cat to the vet, it can get poisoned by this muck," another wrote.

    Another comment read simply: "Yum yum."

    This comes after a similarly gory video appeared on the Telegram channel, showing a group of pigs gnawing on what was allegedly a dead Russian Army captain.

    Titled "Pigs eat the Russian captain", the 14-second long clip shows six animals standing over what appears to be a corpse. Four of them are hard at work munching through it.

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    The person filming slowly walks around the horrifying scene, commentating on it as he does so. He can be heard identifying the corpse as a captain.

    Among the other disturbing posts on Cargo 200 are several pictures of Russian soldiers blown to pieces and others of decaying skeletons.

    They are captioned: "This is what the cadre Russian army looks like. [This is] how the mobilised will look."


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