Pharmacist fighting for his life after wine turned out to be crystal meth

A pharmacist is fighting for his life in intensive care after drinking liquid meth from a wine bottle in an unclaimed parcel.

Hans Morkos, 43, drank what he believed was wine but turned out to be liquid methamphetamine inside an unclaimed parcel at the Annandale Pharmacy in Sydney, Australia, on January 31.

The collapsed dad-of-two was found by a 37-year-old woman who called an ambulance that rushed him to the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital where he is fighting for his life in an induced coma.

According to his Instagram page, Mr Morkos has his own lab to manufacture medicine and owns three pharmacies.

“He is the nicest person and I don’t even know who could wish him any harm,” neighbouring business owner Danni Fenwick told 7News.

Police are investigating the incident and have reportedly seized items from the pharmacy.

"The man was located by a 37-year-old woman, who contacted NSW Ambulance paramedics. He was taken to Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, where he remains in an induced coma," said a police spokeswoman.

"An investigation into the circumstances surrounding the man's injuries is currently underway."

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Methamphetamine, also known as ice, is a dangerous and addictive drug and it is not known why it was in the wine bottle.

However, police have stated that shipments of liquid methamphetamine have been discovered by police before being hidden in bottles.

Methamphetamine is often imported in liquid form and then converted into a crystallised version.

The news comes after a motel in the US was forced to close after a piece of an illegal drug hit a guest after spurting from the tap.

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The Super 8 motel in New Mexico remains closed with its water supply shut off after a piece of methamphetamine came out of a tap and struck them in the eye on Thursday.

Police analysed the substance to confirm it was meth that came through the tap.

It was later found that traces of methamphetamine were found in multiple locations within the hotel, including the icebox.

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