Philip’s ex-bodyguard tells of Duke’s cheeky sex shop remark about royal parties

Prince Philip's former personal protection officer has revealed a cheeky comment he received from the Duke of Edinburgh after he revealed his previous experiences of working at sex shops in the West End.

Richard Griffin previously worked for Prince Edward, the Duke of Edinburgh's youngest son, before being transferred to Buckingham Palace.

He told host Huw Edwards on Saturday's (April 17) special BBC One programme ahead of the royal's funeral how Philip responded to his previous work experience.

He recalled the first time meeting the Queen and Prince Philip at the palace and was asked what he used to do before working for the royals.

Richard said: "It was the sort of question I preferred not to be asked because I spent the last five years dealing with Vice.

"I told Her Majesty I was in the West End sex shops, dealing with pornographic cinemas, with brothels and prostitutes and the gambling that goes on there.

"'Good gracious me, Mr Griffin' she said to me. 'Why on Earth Edward needs a protection officer with your qualifications?'

"And as quick as a flash, Prince Philip said 'I don't know, but we are going to have some wonderful parties at Cambridge.'"

Richard said he later got to know more about the Duke and knew some of his famous gaffes including the "slitty eye" comment during the tour in China in 1993.

The Duke of Edinburgh and the Queen share a "charming" relationship that has helped Elizabeth II during "tough times", according to royal expert Ingrid Seward.

Speaking to Daily Star back in October, Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine, said the couple “developed into quite the little team” over the years.

The Duke would be the Queen’s "rock" and the pair shared a "waspish whit" that meant they were "really very funny" together.

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