Photos of woman’s dead body in bath ‘worse than horror movie’ shown during trial

Grim photos of the body of a woman who was allegedly killed and then eaten by her ex-boyfriend have been shown to a jury during a trial over her killing.

The trial of Joseph Oberhansley, who is accused of killing his ex-girlfriend Tammy Jo Blanton in 2014, began on Friday.

Clark County Prosecutor Jeremy Mull said Tammy, 46, "met a fate that’s very difficult to describe" – allegedly at the hands of Oberhansley.

Oberhansley, 39, is charged with murder, rape, abuse of a corpse and burglary – prosecutors also claim he ate parts of her body.

Mr Mull warned jurors before the trial the evidence they will see would include gruesome photos of different rooms of the home, tools, a plate, fork and knife.

The crime scene was described by prosecutors as "worse than a horror movie".

On the second day of the trial heard from nearly 10 witnesses, including two police officers who attended the scene on the day Ms Blanton died.

Two police officers described to the court a grisly scene and said Oberhansley was "nervous" when they arrived at the home on September 11, 2014.

Cops said they arrested Oberhansley after he allegedly failed to comply with pat down orders and testified they allegedly found a bloody knife in his pocket later.

A third officer then went inside the home and blood was seen through the house and a tarp and tools were found on the ground, Wave3 News reports.

According to the officer, Ms Blanton’s body was then found in the bath, and there was "blood everywhere".

On Friday – the sixth anniversary of Ms Blanton’s death – Sabrina Hall, a co-worker and friend of Blanton’s, testified she called police after a man she claims was Oberhansley answered Ms Blanton’s phone the day her friend died.

She said time moved "super fast and super slow at the same time" as she waited for police to confirm what she believed had allegedly happened.

Oberhansley had originally stood trial in August 2019 with a jury drawn from central Indiana’s Hamilton County.

A mistrial was declared during the first day of testimony after a witness for the state spoke of things attorneys had agreed would not be mentioned to the jury.

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