Pizza firm mocked over worst name ever amid Well S*** website blunder

The owner of a pizza company was left embarrassed by choice of company name, which has been branded as the “worst name ever” by foodies.

Welsh Italian Pizza's new website – and bannered at a recent wedding fare – was not formatted correctly.

And pizza fans pointed out that it actually showed “WEL SHT ALIAN PIZZA”.

The company's recent display at The BIG ICC Wales Wedding Fair at the International Convention Centre in Newport, South Wales, on April 10 proudly displayed the oddly written website banner.

People on social media found the website layout hilarious, sharing images of aliens eating pizza to mock the blunder.

Others commented on the fact that the company was comparing their product to "sh*t" and that it may have contained incorrectly spelled aliens, which would be "served on a saucer".

A red-faced Welsh Italian Pizza spokesman said they hadn't planned for the website blunder, as they usually use colours or camel case – which is the practice of writing phrases without spaces or punctuation, indicating the separation of words with a single capitalised letter.

The spokesman said: “We were aware you could read the URL differently if we didn't use camel case or colours to separate the words, but we did feel it would bring a bit of fun to people when they spot it.

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“It wasn't originally planned like this as we do use camel case and colours to separate in most of our marketing.

“But for the gazebo, which is mainly aimed at street food events and festivals, we thought it would be a fun thing to do.”

One social media user wrote: “That's where a good marketer would have highlighted the hidden text in the proposed name once in digital format….anyway what's Welsh about it…can you get a welsh rarebit pizza ???

Another posted: "It took me several read-throughs of the domain name to work out where the spaces were really supposed to go."

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