Plus-sized OnlyFans star joined site after lockdown hit to income

When the lockdowns first started, many people were left wondering how they were going to top up their income – with many turning to sites like OnlyFans to make ends meet.

A go-go dancer who goes by the name of Mama Mamba had always wanted to start an account and so when lockdown struck she had all the more focus and drive to put her curvaceous figure to use.

She told the Daily Star: "Before the pandemic, I was regularly performing. I took part in burlesque shows doing burlesque and sideshow acts, as well as being a resident gogo dancer at the Nightingale Club in Birmingham.

"The lockdown heavily affected my income as I was unable to perform, so my OnlyFans really helped boost my finances, and it meant I was able to continue to express my sexuality online instead of on stage.

"I'd been wanting to start an account for ages, but having a day job made it difficult to find the time to actually dedicate myself to it."

Since starting last year, the plus-size creator has posted 982 explicit images and videos to the site specialising in fetish content, receiving over 18.3k likes.

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Mama Mamba has also climbed to being one of the top 0.02% on the platform by creating niche content.

Describing herself in her bio as a 'blue-haired Goddess, with a 59” a** that was made to be worshipped' claims as a BBW on the site, she gets asked often about her measurements.

She said: "The thing that attracts people to me the most is probably the size of my booty. I have my measurements in my bio because it’s a question I get asked a lot.

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"Being a plus-sized creator is my niche, and my figure is what draws my audience in, so why not show that off?"

Although, she acknowledges that having confidence as a bigger woman is not always easy.

She revealed that while she posts racy snaps to Twitter and Instagram to promote her account, she is still on a self-love journey herself.

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She added: "It’s not always been easy finding confidence as a plus-size woman. Self-love is definitely a journey and I’m still learning how to embrace my body entirely.

"I’m a strong believer of ‘fake it til you make it’ and that’s what I’ve been doing so far!

"It’s taken me 24 years to love and accept my plus size body, and I’m happy that I’m Now at a stage where I can use it to my advantage and make a profit from it!"

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