Poland erupts at EU blindness for allowing Putin carte blanche

Putin's puppet threatens Poland with nuclear strike

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Poland has lashed out at the European Union’s failure to heed the country’s repeated warnings over the threat posed by Russia. Officials in Warsaw have blasted the “blindness or stupidity” of European politicians who allowed “business interests” to allow Vladimir Putin a “carte blanche” to invade Ukraine. Speaking exclusively with Express.co.uk, Poland’s Deputy Foreign Affairs minister took a swipe at Germany amid demands for a major overhaul of Europe’s security. 

“This was an act of either blindness or stupidity or simply speaking, putting the business interests of mostly German companies above the interests of European citizens.

“If we would look into the decisions that have been made mostly by the German government, with other governments in the past, to intensify the imports of Russian gas and also do it with avoiding of other countries or territory, this was an invitation for Putin to attack.”

“This was an invitation for him because he was bribed with a lot of money from Europe,” he added.

“At the same time, he was given carte blanche to say this is eastern, central you can do whatever you want, we will not do anything.”

While accepting global events had proven Poland right over Russia, Mr Jabłoński stressed that Warsaw is not planning to simply sit back and take credit but act to ensure Europe is not caught off-guard again. 

Mr Jabłoński told Express.co.uk: “Now we hear everywhere that Poland was right, Baltic states were right so we shouldn’t be getting into bed with Putin as Europe did in the past, and very good.

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“We are satisfied to hear this is appraisal obviously but it’s not about the satisfaction it’s about drawing conclusions for the future.”

He set out Poland’s strategic aim of reshaping the European approach to Russia and to Putin.

“If Russia continues to be a criminal, aggressive regime, we cannot treat it as a partner,” argued Mr Jabłoński. 

“Because if we treat a criminal, aggressive regime as partner inevitably, it will desire to attack us as well.”

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He argued that in the past European institutions such as the EU and NATO had been guilty of treating former communist countries in eastern Europe like Poland as “second-class members.”

The Polish Government believes that greater respect and “solidarity” is needed in Europe towards the states that make up Nato’s eastern blocks, explained. Mr Jabłoński

“There must be more solidarity among member states of the EU and of NATO, that we should never treat some countries as second-class members.

“This is what left us in the current situation, if you want to avoid this in the future we need to change it.”

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