Polexit domino effect: Macron rivals jump on Frexit pledges ahead of crucial elections

Germany calls on Poland to "fully" implement EU law

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Poland’s Constitutional Tribunal on Thursday ruled that parts of EU law are incompatible with the constitution. The decision was seen as undercutting the legal pillar on which the 27-nation EU stands by anti-Polexit protesters who took the streets of Poland on Sunday.

According to the organisers, protests took place in over 100 towns and cities across Poland and several cities abroad, with 80,000-100,000 people gathering in the capital Warsaw alone, waving Polish and EU flags and shouting “We are staying”.

The issue sparked a strong debate on legal sovereignty in France, with Emmanuel Macron’s rivals – proclaimed or otherwise – congratulating Poland and calling for a similar approach in France.

National Rally leader Marine Le Pen, tipped to face Mr Macron in the last round of the 2022 elections, said: “By affirming the primacy of its constitutional law over European legislation, Poland is exercising its legitimate and inalienable right to sovereignty.

“By an act of judges which does not differ in any way from the procedure of the Court of Karlsruhe [German constitutional court], quite admitted in the case of Germany, Poland came to remind a European Union tempted by the establishment of a Jacobin dictatorship that each people is entitled to define its laws.”

The far-right polemicist Eric Zemmour, who has not yet declared himself a presidential candidate, also cracked a press release Friday morning entitled “It is time to restore French law to its primacy over European law”.

“The European Commission is leading a violent legal assault against the peoples who reject its ideological line. It is urgent that France join these nations in their fight for freedom, ” he wrote.

“What you are proposing, ultimately, is Frexit” , “a throwback of 60 years for which we would pay a high price” , replied on Twitter the MEP Agir Fabienne Keller.

For its part, the French government, through the voice of its French Secretary of State for European Affairs, Clément Beaune, denounced an “attack on the EU” which he described as “extremely serious” on the part of Poland.

“It is not a technical subject or a legal subject. It is an eminently political subject, which is part of a long list of provocations against the EU , he said on RMC and BFM-TV.

“The risk is Poland’s de facto exit from the European Union.”

Sovereignist candidate for the Elysee Nicolas Dupont-Aignan also congratulated Poland, and added: “No sooner do the Poles assert their sovereignty than Clément Beaune threatens financial sanctions.

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“Shameful blackmail to the recovery plan which reveals the nature of these small agents of the EU: enemies of democracy who serve their supranational thing against the peoples.”

The former minister of productive recovery and presidential candidate, the socialist Arnaud Montebourg, also welcomed the decision of the Polish constitutional court. “The return of the sovereignty of France will pass through the superiority of French law over European decisions,” he wrote on Twitter.

He added: “Poland’s assertion of national sovereignty through law is an important event.

“France, which does not share the same political orientations as Poland, will nevertheless have to make the same affirmation of the superiority of its laws over European decisions.”

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