Police lost for words as woman tries to drive smashed up BMW home after crash

Police were left baffled after a woman attempted to drive her smashed up BMW home following a nasty collision on the M6.

Officers from Merseyside Police's Roads Policing Unit later took to their Twitter account stating they were "lost for words" after they recovered the vehicle as it made its way into Liverpool.

Pictures shared by the force revealed the extent of the damage caused in the crash.

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The bonnet had been forced upwards as result of the impact of the accident, which restricted the view through the front windscreen. Serious damage was also caused to the front bumper.

The full post read: "We were lost for words when we saw this being driven along Queens Drive. The driver had been in an RTC on the M6 and decided it was safe for her to continue her journey into Liverpool. She has been reported and the vehicle was recovered and prohibited."

In response to the police statement, Twitter users had differing outlooks on the driver's actions.

One commented: "So many questions raised from this picture. I guess the radiator was still intact, how could she see over the bonnet, was it not secure? I'm speechless much like yourselves."

Another wrote: "Maybe the driver was in shock or felt it safer to be off the motorway? Might not be right but show some humility and understanding rather than shaming someone online. Just another example showing how you need to work on your skills with the public."

A third replied: "I can't believe anyone would think this was safe to drive anywhere. And even worse people are defending that decision which goes to show there are more dangerous drivers out there."

And a fourth said: "Oh my goodness. What a stupid thing to do to think that you can finish your journey in a car in that state. Good job you were there to stop this."

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