Police slammed for recruiting influencer who thinks shes on the catwalk

A police force in Colombia has been slammed for recruiting an "influencer" who "seems to think she's on the catwalk" whilst at work.

The officer in question, Alexa Narvaez, has thousands of followers across her social media profiles and often garners bucket loads of likes and the usual "you can arrest me any day" banter from males.

However, aside from the people fawning over a woman in uniform, a small cohort seems rattled by the fact that the officer from the city of Cali can, in fact, "do both."

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On a recent post she poses in her figure-hugging olive-coloured uniform and shares the profund message: "We are once in a lifetime. Be happy, enjoy each thing and person as if there were no tomorrow."

One respondent seemed to think that Narvaez's role within the force brought it into disrepute.

"It is sad to know how the National Police lends itself to recruiting these types of women, they seem to be on the catwalk, wearing a super tight uniform," said Andrés Jaramillo.

He continued: “What disrespect to force! What a lack of authority!"

Wait until he finds out that Narvaez is also a 'Digital Ambassador', a position granted to her by the Colombian National Police.

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But the responses to her posts are usually, and predictably, nicer.

“I would get a speeding ticket every week,” exclaims one excited TikTok user under a recent clip. While another one comments: “I think I need to get detained.”

Yet another comment reads: “I have been a bad bad boy, and I need to be taken away.”

The popular cop has an Instagram page that boasts an impressive 1.3 million followers and tens of thousands of likes under every post.

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